“I called him for help and he picked up the phone - no answering machine. He was very willing to advise and was VERY helpful in guiding me to some resolution of my problem. I now feel like I have a friend in the business.”

Kerry H.


“Professional, patient, courteous, very understandable, presented options, answered questions I wasn't smart enough to ask - and a sense of humor.”



“Greg amended my wife's trust and my trust and prepared Advanced Health Care Directives for us. Later on he negotiated a dispute with a building contractor of ours.I have known Greg Lowe for 60 years. His honesty, integrity and loyalty is beyond comparison. I would highly recommend him.”

James P.


“Greg Lowe is an attorney you can count on and you can trust. He will tell you straight if you have a case or not. In general, lawyers get a bad wrap. Greg Lowe does not fit that stereotype.

He has formidable knowledge under the probate code. An expert at estate planning, wills, trusts, civil litigation, bankruptcy, family law and divorce settlements. He will mediate with your best interest in mind. In the event you need a detailed legal contract  written  up, I suggest you contact  GregoryR Lowe, Attorney  at Law.”

Steve H.


“Greg has been involved with handling my family's estate affairs for many years—perhaps twenty or more. He worked with my mother, my siblings, and myself on my mother’s trust, including reviewing of her father's trust, and restating a special needs trust for one of her beneficiaries. He has mediated family disagreements. And he has advised on and drawn up documents for multiple real properties for myself and my family members. 

 I have always found Greg to be thoughtful, considerate, fair, and reasonable. I appreciate Greg’s moral compass and integrity. I trust him to do good work and for good reasons. I have enjoyed working with him, exploring legal options, and crafting and refining solutions together for various concerns.   

 Thank you for all the help, Greg!”

Kaj H.


“Greg has been my elderly mother's estate planning attorney for many years. He has helped with her trust, powers of attorney, and legal issues regarding her real property. In advocating for my mother Greg has helped navigate and provided clarity to the often confusing aspects related to my responsibilities while ensuring that both my mother and I stay in safe harbor. Greg has a great rapport with my mother, which has developed over the many years that they worked together. When I became involved in managing my mothers affairs I found him knowledgeable, thoughtful and compassionate. He responds in a timely manner and is a good sounding board. We have been fortunate to work with Greg and I highly recommend him for any family and estate planning needs.”

 Phil K.