Probate Legal Services

Decedent's Estates

This is the "Probate" you hear about when the Court is required to settle the estate of a decedent. The procedure is tedious and costly for the Estate. The attorney fees are set by statute and quite high. In certain cases, I can save the Estate thousands of dollars by accepting payment on an hourly basis instead of the statutory fee. I can provide your family probate services anywhere in the State of California.


This procedure is often emotionally charged and patience and respect for all the parties involved is important. When a person is unable to take care of themselves and their Estate the Court can appoint another person to takeover the powers, duties and responsibilities of the needy individual. The Petitioner nominates a Conservator who may be the Petitioner, themself, or another. When the person in need objects or family members disagree, all the sides must be listened to carefully. When the procedure is done correctly, the person in need and those who care for him are well served and when not done incorrectly the losses to the family both financially and emotionally can be high.

Probate/Decedent's Estates/Conservatorships