About Gregory R. Lowe

I am a California native originally from the San Joaquin Valley. I graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1970 where I studied Political Science. In 1975, after 3 years of world travel I formed an import clothing business. It included a Santa Barbara retail store and for 25 years operated as a national wholesale outlet. I took part in the management of the business and the design and distribution of the products. My duties included national and international travel, meeting with customers and vendors, as well as dealing with international banking and import/export requirements. The company produced 2 to 4 new product lines a year and was in the creativity mode throughout it's history.

I have always been gifted in communication and in resolving conflict. The principles of law and justice have attracted me since college. Following my career in business I was introduced to mediation which impressed me as a wonderful, practical problem solving tool. I soon revisited my interest in law as an additional tool in problem solving and I use these skills to help people solve problems and achieve goals. My business, travel, and mediation experience make me more able to listen, communicate, and act for the best interests of my clients. I am able to make difficult concepts understandable.

I am licensed to practice in all California courts and the Central District of California U.S. District Court. I have always worked as a sole practitioner. My prior business experience gives me the confidence to take on big projects and creatively reach results that are good for my client.

Areas of Law practiced include: